Rime Suspex – ‘Loveblind’

About This Project


With categorical lyrics and an unreserved, direct video, ‘Love Blind’ advocates the group’s support against domestic abuse. Complimenting their catchy sound, Rime Suspex are known to embrace significant issues, including their recognition of the severity of domestic violence in our society, affecting one in four women and one in six men in the UK. Genuine in their views, all proceeds from the song are donated to Refuge, a hugely important charity that helps sufferers of domestic abuse across the country.


Rime Suspex clearly have their sights set for gold, having recently received a great reception on BBC Introducing. Their fanbase is both zealous and expanding, manifest from their willingness to entirely crowdfund the video for ‘Love Blind’. Rime Suspex’s strong work ethic and devotion indicates that they’re a group who shouldn’t be ignored. Having a string of shows and festivals booked across the UK for 2015, Rime Suspex are a vibrant, passionate new act that can’t be missed.


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