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SR. Gent is an American multi-genre artist from Tucson, Arizona bringing his vibrant sound to the UK for the first time with the release of his single “MVP” on 17th May 2019. Originally inspired by 90’s West Coast Rap from the likes of NWA and 2Pac, SR. Gent brings a modern approach to the genre which parallels modern voices like Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino and Taylor Bennett.

Relentlessly upbeat in tempo, yet lyrically poignant, SR. Gent fuels a technicolour clash of old school and new school in his latest single ‘MVP’, an acronym for ‘most valuable player’. M.V.P is itself a playful number which references the realisations SR. Gent has  had on his journey from a difficult past towards a future as a music entrepreneur. 

Having lost his mother to suicide aged six, SR. Gent was determined to help his family to rally towards a better life. Enlisting in the U.S. Army for 7 years, SR. Gent served in Germany, Korea and Afghanistan. He was medically released from veteran duties, following several traumatic tours of Afghanistan where he saw his friend killed. SR. Gent used his army wage to enroll in the prestigious Berklee Music College in Boston, whose alumni has produced more Grammy winners than any other music establishment in the world. It was here SR. Gent learned to understand frequencies and how to harness his poetry to create a catalogue of over 1000 songs. Following his debut album Canorous Camisado  last year, SR. Gent releases M.V.P via his very own independent label LTP Inc Records, where he also champions five independent artists. 

Using his travels in the army to add to his palette of musical styles, SR. Gent says “While people tell me that my music doesn’t sound like anything, I think it sounds like everything! You can hear influences from all over the world.” Citing influences as diverse as Skrillex, Led Zeppelin, Three Doors Down and Diplo, SR. Gent wants everyone who listens to ‘M.V.P. to harness their people power and realise that they are all the world’s most valuable players. From there, he hopes the youth will harness their social positions to instigate worldwide change.


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